A boundary exists between work and leisure, between the familiar and the exotic, between classic and modern. When that Boundary is reached, you have arrived.

Boundary is a new private social club for wine and spirits enthusiasts who enjoy sharing the company of old friends and new in a unique, relaxed-yet-refined setting.

Boundary members gain exclusive access to the wine vault, tasting room and private event space, and enjoy special members-only events and experiences.

Located just outside the bustle of downtown Portland, Boundary is a warm and inviting place to divide the day between work and play, with talented staff serving exceptional wines and top-shelf spirits without pretense.

Boundary members have the opportunity to discover rare and obscure wines while curating and growing their personal wine collections.


Boundary is open to members and their guests.


0126 SW Mitchell St. (at SW Corbett Ave.)
Portland, Oregon 97239





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